Food Service

The secrets of a successful menu will always include quality, innovation, and value for money.


Brital Foods operate these principals throughout our food offering and every other aspect of our business.

Our mission statement is to offer a bespoke product to each and every customer for each and every menu wherever possible, however this is not compulsory as we have an extensive standard list to choose from - the choice is always yours.

Speciality Breads

The demand for authentic speciality breads is rising at an exponential rate.

Our IQF frozen thaw and serve range includes popular bread types as well as a wide range of lesser known regional Mediterranean specialities. Most of our products are sourced from the major durum wheat growing areas of the Mediterranean allowing you to offer your customers true authenticity from menu description to taste experience.

From Italian ciabatta or focaccia to Spanish sour dough, olive, tomato, roast onion, rosemary or chocolate breads, we have the bread that is perfect for your snacks and meal accompaniments.

Garlic bread is an institution in the UK and yet the products that are generally available have not moved on for over 20 years

Brital now produce probably the most authentic garlic bread products available in the UK using - wait for it - fresh garlic.

Garlic Bread

Garlic Bread

Do you have garlic bread to be proud of?

All our breads are supplied fully baked and IQF frozen. All products can be thawed and served or heated for a few minutes for an oven fresh flavour.


Pizza isn't just Pizza. Italian thin based pizza from a wood burning oven that has had a natural 24 hour rising is a revelation.


Our pizza range comprises a broad range of products, from traditional toppings such as mozzarella, mushrooms, olives and anchovies to the gourmet flavours of wild mushrooms, capers, regional cheeses, cured hams and wild rocket.

In the traditions of Italian pizza making and our bespoke foods policy, customers can choose their own toppings to create their own unique pizza.

Pasta and Mediterranean Meals

Whether you choose to make your meal form pre-cooked pasta and portion pack sauce components or the complete meal in a tray we can provide in the format you choose.


We use our in-depth knowledge of the UK and Mediterranean restaurant scene to anticipate UK food trends and innovate new meal concepts.

This enables UK food service retailers to remain one step ahead in the development of authentic mediterranean meals of the highest quality. The range is almost limitless.

Mediterranean Char Grilled Vegetables

We only use the best Mediterranean vegetables, grown in Italy and Spainwhich means they are bursting with flavour.


The range includes aubergines, courgettes, peppers, potatoes and onions in all different cut formats.

We will help you create the individual mix that suits your needs.